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Because it's more than just a's a life transition

No matter if you are downsizing or rightsizing your life, moving into a retirement community, moving to a new home, relocating your family due to a career change or relocating Mom and Dad, they all have similar elements of an emotional and many times stressful transition into a new stage of life.

Smooth Transitions South Sound provides individuals, families and businesses the assistance needed in making a change in living arrangements by working with clients throughout the moving process to shoulder those emotional and physical burdens.     

If you find yourself becoming overwhelmed with the thought of making a move, it's time to "think outside of the boxes" and call Smooth Transitions South Sound, we know what works! 

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Ruth Christian Launched Smooth Transitions South Sound LLC after evaluating her own stage in life and the transitional aspects of the growing boomer and the senior population. Ruth carefully selected the Smooth Transitions® brand, business model and training established by Barbara H. Morris in Louisville, KY in 1995 for it's outstanding reputation, tenure and integrity within the Senior Move Management Industry. Morris, a founding member of the National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM) has grown the licensee brand into over 60 national locations and an international presence in NZ.

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"Rather than downsizing, let's talk about "clearing" and "composing." As we excavate the layers of our former life, we must clear a space, by getting rid of the baggage that has weighed us down—physically, emotionally and spiritually—for too long. We must also discover the creative process that allows us to feel empowered; that makes good use of our accumulated experience; our hard earned wisdom; that harvests our memories of pleasure, fulfillment, and joy".  How to Think About Downsizing Your Life -SARA LAWRENCE-LIGHTFOOT


Many, many thanks for your wonderful management. You took over the difficult and sometimes seemingly impossible chores, and made them disappear like magic
— S.W.
Regarding the work of Smooth Transitions at the home of my father...we are most pleased with the work done...being out-of-town put us at such a disadvantage. Both realtors commented on your quality work at the closing
— G.W.
I totally believe in your service. It is so good to know someone trustworthy who can assist our dear folks at a time when they need help so badly. Thank you for being there
— J.B.,administrator of a retirement facility
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Mission Statement

Smooth Transitions South Sound LLC exists to enrich the lives of the people we serve. Our focus is to listen, understand and deliver what is most important to our clients. We recognize and respect the fact that our clients are inviting us into their private lives. We are committed to handling your business confidentially with the utmost integrity and compassion. As a small local company, the only agenda we have is yours.

About Me

Hi! I'm Ruth Christian owner of Smooth Transitions South Sound and a logistics "lifer" so to speak. My professional background spans over 35 years managing the movement of goods for the largest and most highly recognized retail companies in the world. I'm also passionate about community involvement and helping those in need. When the opportunity arrived to evaluate my next career move, I deeply reflected on my time spent in the logistics industry as well as where I was in my personal life. I was strongly urged from within to transition my focus and follow my passion for helping others with the experience and talents that I had developed over the years. Joining the Smooth Transitions family of logistics professionals has allowed me to blend my professional experience with my personal passions to help the overwhelmed to overcome. My entire career had revolved around moving boxes until I found a way to move lives! 

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