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Real Estate Professionals

Moving for a Senior Citizen can be a challenging event. We can organize the move and help get the house on the market as soon as possible. 

One of the more challenging scenarios a relator encounters is the older seller who has been in their house 30, 40 or even 50 years. When taking on a listing of a senior home you may find any or all of the following:

  • A tired house showing signs of deferred maintenance

  • Spaces that are dark with dated furnishings

  • A home that's in need of a good cleaning

  • One too cluttered to even consider showing or without significant help

  • The older client too frail, confused or alone and may need assistance.

We are a move management company that can help the seller address obstacles of fear of the future and resistance to change. With a Move Manager as an advocate seniors and their family members have a chance to openly address concerns and learn what level of help is available. Smooth Transitions can help by:

  • Helping the older seller make the choices and start preparing for the move.

  • Speed up the decluttering process

  • Move out the dated furnishings and return rooms to their core use

  • Provide the physical assistance needed to navigate the complexities of moving

Legal and Financial Professionals

For clients who are facing a change in lifestyle we can offer assistance to them and their families. Our services are comprehensive.

We are an organization of professionals who specialize in assisting older adults and their families with downsizing, aging in place or relocating to a new residence.  Our goal is to make the transition as smooth and as simple as possible whether it is advising on how they can to do it themselves or handling the entire project for them. We work with your clients and their families to help find a new home, decide what to take, and arrange for the move to include unpacking and set up. We also specialize in complete estate dispersal if that becomes necessary.

Health Care Professionals

A trip to the hospital can be a life-changing event for a senior who can no longer be cared for in their home and must be relocated.

Senior Move Managers represent a knowledgeable, professional resource for discharge planners, case managers and physicians who need help relocating an elderly patient after a hospitalization. We can help with this most difficult transition; whether it is a discharge to home, a rehabilitation facility, or a long-term care community.

Estate Liquidations and Property Dispersal

Managing the Estate of someone who has passed on can become really complex, really fast.

Estate liquidation and property dispersal is a major component of a move or following the death of a loved one. Smooth Transitions works with the homeowner, attorney, trust officer or family members to liquidate any remaining articles in the home prior to closing it. We can provide any or all of the following services:

Estate Liquidation

  • No-Charge Consultation: We will meet and discuss your expectations as well asperform a brief survey of household contents

  • Sort personal and household items and arrange for dispersal, shipping, donation, or disposal

  • Locate documents and/or shred paperwork

  • Provide photos and inventory contents of the house

  • Recommend options for liquidating the estate. Unwanted items can be liquidated through our extensive network of resources including estate auctions, consignment stores, estate sales or online auctions.

Residential interior and exterior cleanout services

We offer clients a complete clean out service of their former residence. We will arrange for hauling of unwanted items, having the home professionally cleaned and recommend professionals to provide minor repairs and exterior work such as pressure washing and painting in preparation for the sale or rental of the property.

Residential closing services

  • Arrange for and oversee independent appraisals

  • Arrange for articles to be packed and delivered to auction, consignment or buyer

  • Provide detailed photos and written inventories prior to dispersal

  • Arrange for shipping of designated articles to friends and family members

  • Make arrangement for minor repairs, lawn care, home staging or cleaning and hauling services

  • Recommend realtors and work with them to get the property on the market

  • Storage unit surrender services

Corporate Moving Services

We can carry out a cost-effective local or long-distance move for your personnel with a minimum of disruption.

Many of the services we offer to senior citizens, such as downsizing, estate dispersal and getting the house ready for market can help make corporate moves easier. Utilizing a Move Manger in a corporate transition scenario can reduce stress for the employee especially if it's a relocation to a new state. Move Mangers in different states can work together to coordinate the move from one end to the other. Ask us how we can assist you!